Since 1996, the Champ-Richer (formerly Champion) brand has been delivering perfect care solutions for the exceptional needs of cats and dogs. Champ-Richer cosmetics ensure not only perfect skin and coat care, but also provide comfort during daily grooming. Champ-Richer cosmetic formulas are based on specialist scienti¬c research. Carefully selected, high quality washing and re-oiling ingredients e ectively remove dirt and help to maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. With the new, milder formula, Champ-Richer care products are now even more gentle on your pet’s skin.
Since 2020, Champ-Richer offers also a line of health-promoting treats created for your dog’s healthy skin and beautiful coat.
With Champ-Richer cosmetics and treats, you can take care of your pet’s skin and hair in a comprehensive way, enhancing its natural beauty.

Champ-Richer Cosmetics
Discover the champion of home care

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The formulas of Champ-Richer (Champion) cosmetics have been developed with the cooperation of Polish scientists and specialists from the field of skin and fur care, who are acquainted with the freshest cosmetology and veterinary knowledge. It is important to realise that cat’s and dog’s skin is more sensitive and has a different pH than human skin. This is why, in order to provide proper care to our pets, we should use the highest quality of cosmetic preparations designed especially for them. The carefully selected high quality cleaning ingredients of Champ-Richer (Champion) cosmetics clean gently but effectively. Another crucial issue is the fact that the skin of dogs and cats produces sebum, an oily secretion, which also occurs on fur. It is a fully natural process typical for the skin of a healthy pet as the secretion protects the coat from drying out or getting damaged. When we bath our pet, we should know that along with the impurities, we are also washing off sebum. This is why one should choose cosmetics, such as Champ-Richer (Champion), that contain re-greasing ingredients. They speed up the regeneration of the lipid layer, which forms a protective barrier of the skin. The brand’s conditioners and styling products, such as untangling, extra gloss and volumising sprays, contain conditioning ingredients and constitute an excellent complement of home grooming. Regular use of Champ-Richer (Champion) cosmetics can keep dog and cat fur in an exemplary condition.
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All ingredients of Champ-Richer cosmetics arranged in order of decreasing concentration according to INCI nomenclature can be found on the packaging. Formulas are the greatest value and characteristic feature of the brand.
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Champ-Richer is a fully Polish brand. It dates back to 1996, when the founders of Laboratorium DermaPharm – graduates and lecturers of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology – created a shampoo called “Champion” for show dogs. It became the inspiration and the impulse to expand the series with further preparations focused on the specific needs of dogs with different types of coat. Over the years, the brand has continued to test emerging innovations and improve formulas to provide optimal care solutions for a given time.
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With the new, milder formula, Champ-Richer care products are now even more gentle on your pet’s skin. Free of soaps or parabens.
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Dogs have a far more sensitive sense of smell than humans. For us, sight is the most important of the senses, but in the case of dogs, the most important sense is smell. Studies with the use of lavender aroma have shown that it has a soothing and relaxing effect on animals, which is why ethology and behaviourism experts believe that this plant’s smell can serve an aroma-therapeutic function. By using cosmetics with a lavender aroma, you will encourage your pets to form positive associations with bath rituals.

Why does the right smell of shampoo matter?

Dogs and cats have a much more sensitive olfactory sense than humans. By using cosmetics with lavender aroma, you will help to make bathing rituals bring positive associations to the dog.

The lavender fragrance of Champ-Richer cosmetics has an aroma-therapeutic effect; it relaxes and reduces the stress of your pet, which is associated with care treatments.

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You can use Champ-Richer cosmetics both when you care about the appearance of your pet completely on your own, and when you want to maintain the perfect appearance of your dog’s or cat’s coat for as long as possible after you visit a groomer.
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Champ-Richer (Champion) offers as many as 24 types of products, such as puppy shampoos for the most popular breeds, shampoos for adult dogs, conditioners and styling products, suitable for various coat types. Thanks to such a varied range of products, you can choose the most suitable product for your pet’s needs.
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Each Champ-Richer (Champion) shampoo can be diluted with water at a ratio of 1 part shampoo to 5 parts of water without affecting its properties.


Champ-Richer Treats
Discover the champion of taste

The treats were manufactured using modern extrusion technology, which enabled the filling enriched with health-promoting ingredients to be placed in a crispy shell. They are available in 5 flavours to please the dog’s palate: duck, chicken, turkey, salmon and cod. They are a valuable addition to the daily diet, and can also serve as a tasty reward (e.g. served after a bath, during training, or playing).

Every treat contains:

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BIOTIN (VITAMIN B7, also known as vitamin H)

Known as the “beauty vitamin,” it supports the process of keratin formation – a natural building component of skin and hair, which also reduces greasiness of the coat.

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Polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from the pressing of linseed oil. Omega 3 increases the body’s immunity. Omega 6 is an important component of your dog’s diet which has a beneficial effect on its skin and coat. Dogs are incapable of producing Omega 3 and 6 acids on their own, so it is important to supply them with food or supplementation. Source: linseed cake and linseed oil.

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Formulations based on rice flour to minimise the risk of food intolerance. Easily digested, it is obtained from milling rice grains..

Snacks do not contain artificial colouring, preservatives, wheat, soy and GMOs.