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How to prevent matting in your dog’s coat?

The coat of your dog needs regular care. If it is not brushed regularly, it can get matted. Matting can occur on all types of coat except smooth coats – from dogs with abundant undercoat, such as long-haired sheepdogs, golden retrievers, and spitzes, through wire-haired dogs, such as terriers, to long-haired dogs, e.g. Yorkshire terriers.

To prevent matting, you should brush the hair regularly and skilfully. You can use Champ-Richer Spray for combing. During and after bathing, use the right cosmetics fitting your dog’s coat.

Mats usually form in places that are difficult to reach, e.g. armpits and groins. They also occur behind the ears, on the back and inside of the thighs, on the neck and on the chest (at the place of a collar and a harness).

Dogs also have some sensitive areas they keep away from combing, e.g. by curling up and hiding their paws or tail. A beautiful combed back, which the dog is willing to make available for combing, often contrasts with the mats in other places in which the dog finds combing uncomfortable.

Note that matted coat no longer serves as a thermal insulation and protection against external factors. Mats which become damp due to incomplete drying after bathing or walk in the rain form a “poultice” on the skin causing skin inflammation or even respiratory diseases.

What should you do if you see the mats?

For single mats, separate it as much as possible from the dog’s skin, holding it with your fingers so that combing does not cause pain to the dog. Spray the mats with Champ-Richer Detangler Spray and gently separate them into smaller pieces with your fingers. Then gently comb it out with a brush or comb. If the hair is very compact, cut the tangle with scissors (always lengthwise).

Unfortunately, the mats often clump together to form a felt at the skin. In this case, bathing and the use of appropriate cosmetics are necessary to remove the mats. If the felted hair covers more than one third of your dog’s body, consider shaving or trimming your dog.

Before bathing, try to comb the dog as much as possible. After soaking the dog in the bath, apply the appropriate amount of Champ-Richer Shampoo. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo and apply Champ-Richer Conditioner. Preferably, use the products dedicated to a specific breed, e.g. Champ-Richer Yorkshire Terrier, or a specific hair type, e.g. Champ-Richer Long & Soft Coat. Rinse after a few minutes. Wipe the dog with a towel. Try to drain, and not to rub, the hair. Spray the places with the mats or felting with Champ-Richer Spray for combing. Wet mats should be gently separated with fingers and combed. Remember to dry the dog with a hairdryer. Do not leave it to dry on its own. If the dog is wet, do not allow it to run around the house and rub against carpets or furniture. Rubbing against the wet coat makes the problem worse. After drying, comb the dog thoroughly and spread any remaining single mats according to the above instructions.

For mats in sensitive areas (underbelly, groins, armpits), visit a dog groomer to have them shaved safely.

Careful combing of smaller mats on a regular basis prevents the formation of larger tangles of hair which are more difficult to remove. Check and comb the coat proactively to be able to quickly respond to the formation of the tangles.