Champ-Richer, as an expert in animal care, ensures transparent communication with the customers by listing composition in accordance with INCI on the packaging.

What is INCI?

It is an international naming system for determining the cosmetic raw materials used in cosmetics. Full name: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.

The indication of the INCI composition on the packaging is obligatory in the countries of the European Union and informs about the concentrations of the ingredients; the order of listed components must be in accordance with the decreasing concentration. The lower limit is less than 1%, below which the order of listing is arbitrary.

Important role of INCI

  • It enables communication between cosmetologists from all over the world, regardless of the language. The formulas and information about raw materials are understandable to everyone.
  • It allows a significant simplification of the naming of complex compounds and mixtures, e.g. the mixture of diethanolamides made of fatty acids from coconut oil is simply called Cocamide DEA, and products with multiple trade names have one name.
  • The unambiguity of the INCI names has made it possible to introduce a transparent system of warnings for doctors and consumers worldwide, which is extremely important when a cosmetic product is misused (e.g. consumed by a child) or when an allergy occurs, independent of the country and local language.
  • Reading the INCI composition on the packaging allows to assess the value and usefulness of the product. Based on the INCI composition, the expert can determine the consistency of the product composition, compliance with the declared effect and whether all declared ingredients are actually present in the cosmetic.

Highly meticulous selection of ingredients and the concentration levels of individual ingredients in cosmetic formulas are the result of many years of laboratory work and research conducted by specialists in cosmetology and scientists associated with DermaPharm,
manufacturer of Champ-Richer brand. The aim is to ensure that these cosmetics perfectly fulfil their functions (washing, conditioning, regeneration) and all the declarations included on the packaging.

We have grouped INCI ingredients contained in Champ-Richer cosmetics on the example of a shampoo. This way, you can find out what they are for and what role they play.