Agata Maria Kokocińska-Kusiak

Agata Kokocińska – Kusiak
Ethologist, zoopsychologist, dog trainer

Champ-Richer is certainly a high end product of excellent quality and – considering its efficiency – good price. The shampoo has a very pleasant texture, lathers well and has a gentle lavender aroma, which lasts a very long time. The aroma is not irritating to the dog; quite the opposite. Although my dog has a very sensitive skin, the shampoo did not evoke any allergies and the pet’s fur was soft and fluffy. The shampoo is easy to rinse, which is a huge advantage in the case of an impatient dog.

Dorota Gąsiorowska

Dorota Gąsiorowska
Galopująca Fufla FCI – Certified dog breeder

Due to its gel-like consistency, using Champ-Richer Long & Soft Coat shampoo was very easy. Thanks to the gentle lavender aroma, the bath was pleasant for both the pet and the person bathing it. The shampoo lathered easily and rinsed off effortlessly. I have used it many times and never registered any cases of mucous membrane irritation of eyes or ears. After it dried out, the pets’ fur was always soft and glossy and had a light aroma of lavender with no unpleasant smell of wet fur. The colour of the dogs’ coat remained unchanged.

I regard the product very highly. It can produce particularly good effects when preparing pets for participating in dog shows. The product can be used immediately before the dogs are presented in the ring thanks to the shampoo’s easy application and the quick rewarding effect.

Kind regards and congratulations on the excellent achievements in the cosmetology of grooming.

Anna Kijańczyk

Anna Kijańczyk
Organiser of Zlot Buldogów Francuskich [French Bulldog Gathering], the owner of YOKO Draczyn (Grand Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lithuania, Junior Champion of Poland)

The shampoo made an immediate good impression on me. It lathered well and cleaned efficiently. After rinsing it off, I applied the conditioner – not too much, as French Bulldogs’ coat should not be too soft. For this reason I left it on the fur only for about a minute and then rinsed it off. The difference was visible already during the rinsing. The fur was softer and smoother. In relation to shampoos we used earlier (I never used conditioner, however), the difference was very easy to spot.

After Yoko was dry, I combed her (it is often claimed that combing should be done before the bath, but her coat is quite unusual and reversing the order of those processes proves more effective) and applied an extra gloss spray. This whole procedure left the family stunned. Yoko now has a truly beautiful shiny fur. One can see from afar how well-groomed she is. The coat is soft but not overly soft. Usually, after a bath and combing, it was dull and dandruff appeared. Now, Yoko looks all set for a dog show 🙂

I have already shared my positive opinion on the product with some befriended breeders and will certainly keep using it myself 🙂