Caring for yorkshire terriers

Dogs of the popular Yorkshire Terrier breed are bold, intelligent and playful. The breed is usually associated with its silky coat, which makes it look dignified. In the case of Yorkshire Terrier, properly groomed fur is the main factor that contributes to the dogs’ beauty.

The long and delicate fur of Yorkies requires special care. Maintaining the structure and quality of fur is very important and ensures pleasant appearance. The fur of Yorkshire Terriers is silky, completely straight not particularly long on the torso but very long on the muzzle. Yorkie’s hair grows for its whole life. In case of this breed, it is important to keep the grooming regular. Yorkies should be combed once a day, with particular attention paid to the hair on the belly and under the arms, so that there occurs no unappealing matting. Apart from everyday combing, you remember to regularly bath the dog and clip its fur. Once in a while, the coat should be trimmed to prevent it from growing too long and matting. This procedure is also necessary in order to ensure that the dog can walk comfortably. It is advisable that the trimming be entrusted to a grooming specialist, who will perform it in a professional way. Regular baths will, in turn, help you to maintain the dog’s fur in good condition. All of these grooming procedures will contribute to the quality of your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat.

How to choose the right cosmetics for a Yorkshire Terrier?

  • Remember to use cosmetics designed especially for this breed only. As mentioned before, the breed is characterised by delicate and silky fur; therefore, only the products designed especially for the needs of Yorkshire Terriers will guarantee precisely the expected effects. Remember never to use cosmetics intended for people as they are not suitable for the needs of animal skin and fur.
  • When choosing a shampoo for a Yorkshire Terrier, look for a safe product. Avoid shampoos that contain dyes as they are a common cause of skin irritation and allergies.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients of bathing products for Yorkshire Terriers and try to select a shampoo, which contains dependable ingredients, such as lanolin, natural silk or sweet almond oil. They will ensure that your Yorkie’s coat is smooth, glossy and remains in a good condition.
  • If your Yorkshire Terrier is still a pup, choose a gentle shampoo designed especially for puppies of this breed, for example CHAMP-RICHER Yorkshire Terrier puppy shampoo.

How to properly bath a Yorkshire Terrier?

Preparing for the bath

  • The first step is to prepare the place of the bath. All the bathing and drying equipment needs to be arranged so that it is easy to reach. You need to have handy a shampoo, a conditioner, a towel, a hair dryer and a comb.
  • Consider putting an anti-slip mat or a towel into the bath, so that your dog does not slip.
  • Afterwards, the pet should be thoroughly combed. In order to facilitate the combing, you should use an untangling product.


  • You are starting the bath. First dampen the dog’s fur with warm water. You should start from the back of the body and move towards the front, not omitting the arms and paws. Do not wet the dog’s head. The temperature of water should be about 37-39 degrees.
  • Afterwards, distribute some wiry coat shampoo on the fur so that foam appears. Champ-Richer (Champion) shampoo is very concentrated and needs to be dissolved in water. During the bath you should make sure that the shampoo does not enter the dog’s eyes, ears or mouth, by covering those areas.
  • Next, carefully rinse.
  • The first application of shampoo only washes out dirt; therefore, in order to enrich the skin and fur, you should repeat the process.
  • When you finish the second wash, apply a protein conditioner in order to rebuild the protective layer on the fur. Apply it carefully and while you are on it, you can gently massage your pet so that it forms pleasant connotations with the process.
  • At the end, thoroughly rinse the dog, paying attention to the less accessible areas, such as the belly and groins.


  • After the bath you should dry the dog with a towel. Instead of rubbing, try to gently squeeze out excess water.
  • Next, the dog should be brushed. During this process you can use a specialist untangling product, which will protect the dog’s fur from mechanical injuries connected to combing.
  • Finally, spray a light revitalising conditioner onto the fur. It will help you to properly style the hair, prevent it from picking up static and getting frizzy. As a result, the coat will have a more appealing look.
  • If your dog is not afraid of hair dryers, it is advisable to use one.